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A processing engine that uses the power of Machine Learning to help you segment and understand your users

SMS Processing API

Extract valuable data from SMS text

Merchant Categorization API (Coming soon)

Categorize the merchants in various categories like Food, Travel, Shopping automatically

Analytics Web Dashboard

Profile and Segment your customers. Personalize their experience.

User Profiling API

Profile your users and get a detailed insight of their behaviour

Android SDK

Plug and play to your android app and integrate with ALL APIs automatically.

How it works

A simple input and output of the program


Rs.2000.00 was withdrawn using your HDFC Bank Card ending 1414 on 2017-04-02:10:50:09 at +YBL C AVENUE RD. Avl bal: Rs.74778.99


    Amount : 2000
    Account Num : 1414
    Beneficiary : YBL C AVENUE RD.
    Txn. Mode : Atm Withdrawal
    Txn. Type : Account Debit
    Bank : HDFC

Amazing Features

Understand your users with host of features

120+ Banks and FIs covered

Never miss an SMS with array of logics for each bank

No OTP or Personal Message

No personal sms or any message containing OTP is scanned

All Modes of Transactions

Including NEFT, IMPS, ATM Withdrawal, UPI and Cheque

Spending Pattern

Understand the spending patterns of your users

Profile Insights

Analyze user behaviour using more than 40 variables and counting

Rich Insights

  • Graphical representations
  • Jaw dropping visual treat

Investment Tracking

  • Mutual funds availed
  • Net investments per customer

Customer Lifestyle


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